Sproat Lake Community Association

Sproat Lake is a high-spirited, diverse and inseparable community that strives to deliver a quality lifestyle for its residents.  The Sproat Lake Community Association envisions a community where:
  • It serves as steward and protector of the Sproat Lake environment and adjoining watershed in maintaining the unique aesthetic values of the Sproat lake region.
  • It aims to provide high-value and enjoyment of life to residents in the Sproat Lake area through responsible growth and management of its resources.
  • It provides a diversity of undertakings that ensure a safe, secure environment for residents of all ages proportionate with sound environmental policy.
  • It encourages and rewards the important contributions volunteers provide in making our community more vibrant and enjoyable.
  • A spirit of cooperation and collaboration with our neighbouring communities is achieved.
  • Responsible governance using best practices is achieved ensuring operational and financial vitality, and security of the community.

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