Minutes 11-12-2015


THURSDAY, November 12th, 2015 at 7 pm

Sproat Lake Community Hall

Minutes 11-12-2015


Stan Kujala, Brian Cote, Roger Login, John Mayba, Geo Monrufet, Nancy Harvey, Heidi Zimmermann, Greg Steel, Joe Van Bergen, Elaine Gray, Bet Broome, Paul Andrew.

Regrets: Rene Lacoursiere, Bette Hansen, and Chris Law.

ACRD rep, Penny Cote

Guests: Linda Bowers, John Bowers, Sandra Reid, and Gord Reid. Pickle-ball demo.


Call the meeting to order at 7:05 pm.


President’s Message: Stan Kujala – Welcomes the directors of the Sproat Lake Community Association.

  • “Clean Beaches, Clean Water” report October 4th, 2015. Thank you to AVRA and Jim Braiden and Darcy Nelson for the pile driver assistance and ACRD for tipping fee and volunteers. There were 810 KGS or 1785 pounds of garbage delivered to the landfill and recycling.
  • Joe to send letter to the AV News report on clean up. Penny to forward tipping fee info and photos.


Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Harvey – Financial report see attachment.

Balance – $60,584.74

  • Motion by Greg and 2nd by Joe to accept the financial report. Carried.
  • Motion by Greg and 2nd by Joe outstanding bills for clean up day gas to Stan and website cost to Heidi be paid. Carried.


Secretary: June 4th, 2015 SLCA Director Minutes read by Penny.

  • Motion by Nancy and 2nd by John that minutes be approved. Carried.
  • Motion by Joe and 2nd by John for Penny to contact MoE again for lake testing. Carried. Penny to call NILab on credit application and future cost.


Meeting adjourned at 7:35 for pickle ball demo by Linda and John Bowers and Sandra and Gord Reid. Re-opened meeting at 7:55 pm.


SL Community Hall: – Hall deck and stair maintenance must be done for liability.

–    Motion by Stan and 2nd by Nancy for Geo, Greg, Brian to identify liability and safety                   maintenance.

Later get Estimates for maintenance to do list. Estimate on wish list for Hall kitchen                  cabinets, appliances and bathrooms reno and new hall needed for Gas tax estimate.


  • Picnic tables still to be finished and possibly placed upper field area.


  • Community Hall rentals and regulations agreements draft recommendations presented by Committee.
  • Motion by Joe 2nd by Paul to accept the recommendations as presented by the rental committee. Carried.
  • Nancy to send letter to be sent to the Dragon boaters notifying storage rent and ask about

Liability insurance.


  • Request to play Pickle-ball approved as per user group agreement.
  • Pickle-ball group (Bob, John and Tom) fixed the floor. Letter of thanks to be sent.


  • Floor Hockey at the hall.

Greg to request hockey group to provide info on what they are playing. Concerns raised of damage to windows, etc.


SL Road Committee: Joe VanBergen – Emcon winter stakeholder meeting

–   Stirling Arm Drive chip seal and centerline painting. Need centerline paint on Lakeshore                    Road.


SL Parks Report: – Stuart Avenue request for trail.

–   Cougar Smith Park water pump scheduled for replacement.


ACRD: – Penny – ACRD Zoning by-law review should be complete by summer 2016.


  • Tseshaht Market to request ACRD grant-in-aid money approximately $27k to install a sani-station at the Tseshaht Market for free to use service.
  • Motion by John 2nd by Brian to send letter of support. Carried after discussion.


  • Bell Road/Stuart Ave water awaiting Tseshaht approvals before public consultation.
  • Recycling by-laws approved landfill cardboard ban June 1, 2015.
  • Gas tax projects need to be identified, eg: hall, trails, water.


Website: – Heidi reported on – domain name options.

–     Motion by Greg by 2nd Roger that only purchased for use. Carried.


Old Business: SLCA Group Water Test results on Monday August 17th, 2015 from 25 tests were 0 positive for e coli and 15 clean of all bacteria. Recommend offering group water testing again spring and late summer of 2016.


New Business: – No interest at this time by Directors for SLCA to offer community signage at cost for    “No Wake Zone” “Speed Limit 10km”.


  • Motion by Geo and 2nd by John for SLCA Directors to write a letter to the Province in Question to Foresters regarding falling trees into the lake down 2 Rivers from Dog Mountain during the fire. Is there a plan to take the trees to clean up? Carried. – Geo to write letter from SLCA. Penny to forward contact address.


–    Motion by Brian and 2nd by Joe to pay Bob Cole for Pickle-ball request to pay for net and      paddles $342.30. Carried.


Greg motioned to adjourn at 10 pm.




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