Minutes 04/16/2015



THURSDAY, APRIL 16TH, 2015 at 7 pm

Alberni Valley Regional Airport Terminal Building

Minutes 04/16/2015


Stan Kujala called the meeting to order at 7:10 pm with Directors Bet Broome, Rene Lacoursiere, Joe VanBergen, Greg Steele, Geo Monrufet, Nancy Harvey, Bette Hansen, Paul Andrew, Brian Cote and ACRD rep Penny Cote

Guests: Darryl Holt and Marilyn Oldfield

Regrets: John Mayba, Heidi Zimmermann, Chris Law

Elane Gray, Roger Login


President’s Message: Stan Kujala welcomes the Directors.


Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Harvey financial report attached

Moved by Joe, 2nd by Brian to accept report. Carried.

–     Insurance

Discussion whether or not $405,000 is enough for replacement with $5 million liability. Joe to look into cost to replace the hall. Tennis Courts: Change of use would possibly require a sports assessor to make sure the insurance lists the property correctly. Brian reports McDermott Insurance Inspector checked the hall out recently. Deficiencies were addressed.


Secretary: Bette Hansen – Approval of Minutes Feb 12th,2015 SLCA Directors Meeting.

Moved by Bet, seconded by Stan that the Minutes be adopted as read.


SL Community Hall: Stan and Geo – Upper field restoration project approved and McCoy Lake Excavating awarded and should be beginning soon. Stan to coordinate contract.

–   Annual contract grounds clean up date to be held end of May 2015 after the McCoy Lake Excavating completes their contract. Geo will decide when the burn pile should be burned. SLVFD to be asked to attend for safety. Penny requested that we determine where a community garden would best be located before McCoy Lake Excavating completes work. The SL Parks Commission might assist with the garden that could be started in 2016. Penny & Cathy Burkosky to investigate community garden plans.

–     Sun., June 7, 2015 suggested for a Community Hall Flea market 10:00 to 2:00 pm. Hall to be cleaned and possibly painted after sale.

–     Picnic tables still to be finished and possibly placed upper field area. Concrete tops and seats needed for existing frames. New wooden tables recommended. School woodworking project suggested. Penny & Greg will check to determine the best solution.

  • Community Hall rentals and agreements recommendation to develop policies.  Plan

Is needed to determine best rental fees and agreements.   Penny discussed the situation and is hopeful that this group will come up with a policy to address user groups and rental agreements through rent, in-kind or donations. Stan suggested that use of Hall at least cover the heat and any cleaning expenses. Rental charges suggested to include small fee with returnable damage deposit. Users are expected to clean the hall. Improvements to hall suggested before price determined. More use desirable and recommended. Brian and Greg to investigate hall floor repair and list of renovations before the next meeting with costs if possible.

Moved by Rene seconded by Nancy that we set up a committee to make recommendations regarding hall rental rates and policies.   Carried. Nancy, Greg and Penny to sit on committee.

Committee to draft recommendations and email to the SLCA Directors for any changes or endorsement with timeline for comments.

  • Coulson FIFT lease agreement termination letter received. The SLC Hall basement is

now available for other opportunities.

  • AVRA generous donation of $500 for upper field development was received.

Moved by Brian, Seconded by Joe that the Regatta Ass’n have free use of the hall until the AVRA event for purposes of planning. Carried

  • Request from Dragon Boaters for Sproat Lake Hall basement storage. (Request

attached.) Marilyn Oldfield spoke on behalf of the dragon boaters requesting boat storage. Recommended that the hall and field become a Sport’s Centre for boating and other sports. Request referred to the SLC Hall Rental Policy Committee. Marilyn noted that Dragon boaters are paying $75 monthly for equipment storage in PA.

  • Request from Pickle Ball organization for pickle ball court on SL Hall tennis courts

Marilyn Oldfield proposed a plan to revitalize the unused tennis courts. With minimal change, 2 pickle ball courts (1/4 of tennis court size) could be developed.   Original cost to be determined but expected to be minimal. SLC Hall could also be used in the winter.

Moved by Joe, Seconded by Bette that consider the proposal once the cost is determined. Carried

  • Paddling Club use of front basement area for paddle storage. Darryl discussed the

advantages of having people at the hall weekly throughout the year notifying of any problems and meeting our insurance obligations. The Paddle Club members have volunteered for SLC Hall grounds clean ups and their use has no costs associated. SLCA Mission Statement: To support sports in the community was mentioned. Usage request and the Outrigger Canoe Change-out Races and AVRA supported August long weekend event, hall rental cost referred to the SLC Hall rental policy committee.

  • Community garden proposal. Sproat Lake Landing chef and other community

members interested. Water source would be required.


SL Road Committee: Joe VanBergen – Joe and Penny invited Cindy Corner re: roads maintenance and line painting. Inquiring about unused winter maintenance funding. Joe discussed the problems of not having centerlines. Nancy concerns about the stop sign at Sproat Lake Landing. Bette provided pothole photos.


SL Parks Report: Penny – Bike Skills Park work to be completed 2015. Cougar Smith Community Park day is July 4th, 2015. Faber Park/Block Watch Community 2014 was very successful. Looking to promote in other SL neighbourhoods. Footprints security contracted for summer 2015 to patrol Faber Park on Dickson Road.


ACRD: – Penny – Reported APC and public hearing for ACRD recommended Accessory Dwelling Units Monday April 20th. Does not include recreational rentals.

  • Bell Road/Stuart Ave water awaiting meeting with Tseshaht for approvals to move

forward with public process. Process would require a referendum.

  • ACRD Recycling by-laws coming this year.


Old Business: See above SL Hall

New Business: See above SL Hall

SLCA Group Water Test proposed for Monday April 20th, 2015 now rescheduled for

May 4th, 2015 or May 11th, to accommodate newsletter. Paul volunteering to transport.

Nancy suggested to have next meeting at the SL hall and do a walk about.


Next meeting May 7th, 2015 at the SL Community Hall.


Motion to Adjourn at 9:25 pm moved by Greg, 2nd Paul. Carried





































West Coast Dragon Boat Society

P.O. Box 20002

Port Alberni, B.C. V9Y8J8

April 2, 2015


Sproat Lake Community Association

Sproat Lake, B.C.

C/O Penny Cote


Dear Board of Directors:


Re: Expression of Interest in securing storage space for our three dragon boats at Sproat Lake Community Hall’s basement

West Coast Dragon Boat Society (WCDBS) is not–for-profit, which promotes dragon boating in Alberni Valley. I’m sure all Board members have seen our boats paddle on beautiful Sproat Lake April thru October.

What you might not know is dragon boating was a dream of a few enthusiastic folks back in 1997. Through hard work and determination this team of likeminded friends made the dream come true. Today, WCDBS owns three boats, and three teams paddle on the Lake. We run two regattas each year at the Provincial Park, which bring hundreds of paddlers from all over Vancouver Island, and spectators out for a day. Some paddlers from our local teams participate in racing elsewhere and have even secured gold at our 55+ BC Games.


But as they say, all great things must come to an end. Effective May 1, 2015 we are losing our current storage facilities for trailer and three dragon boats. We have known of the Sproat Lake Community Hall’s storage space for years, as well that it has been occupied by a business entity. In speaking with Penny Cote we have confirmed it is now vacant.


We feel now is a perfect time to express our interest in securing space at the Community Hall. We are a responsible Society, our boats are always well maintained and we hold all necessary insurance all year. We have a wonderful relationship with Sproat Lake Landing and have always done whatever we could to help out as trade for moorage. We are not adverse to maintaining our work and play areas, as we would do at the Community Hall.


We believe your mandate: “to acquire, operate and maintain premises for community purposes; to encourage and foster the growth of community spirit in the Sproat Lake area. To provide social, recreational and athletic facilities for the enjoyment of its members”… fits well with our mandate for West Coast Dragon Boat Society.


We thank you for your time and consideration on this matter, and hope this may be the start of an ongoing relationship with the Association. We would welcome inquiries and are available to answer any further questions you may have.


A dream of a paddling center at Sproat Lake is certainly a dream of ours!


Paddles Up!

Marilyn Oldfield

Past President, WCDBS

(H) 250-984-0983

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