Minutes, 02/12/2015



THURSDAY, February 12TH, 2015 at 7 pm




Call the meeting to order: In attendance: Geo Monrufet, Heidi Zimmermann, Elaine Gray, Chris Law, Joe VanBergen, Stan Kujala and Bette Hansen. ACRD Rep. Penny Cote


President’s Message: Stan Kujala welcomed everyone.


Treasurer’s Report: Nancy Harvey   NA


Secretary: Bette Hansen read the minutes of the last meeting. – Moved by Joe V, Seconded Stan K. that the Minutes be adopted as read. Carried.


SL Road Committee: Joe VanBergen reported his concerns regarding poor road conditions along Stirling Arm Drive, Faber, Lakeshore and McCoy Lake Road.   Continuous log hauling is causing damage to our roads.  Roads all around Sproat Lake area are corroding.

Joe met with a rep from Nanaimo regarding our roads. No money available. Penny suggests we call Emcon and MoT regarding centerlines for the roads. This will be paid with from the savings from unused winter road plowing, and salting budget. Geo suggests we request input from school bus drivers regarding road conditions. Stan suggests we go right to the Minister of Transportation regarding the dire conditions of our roads. We must continue to complain if we wish to see some action. Joe is offering to write another letter to the Ministry of transportation including photos.


SL Website: Heidi Zimmermann – It was discussed that the website looks really good. Heidi reported Alex Skelly offered to provide photos with Copyright. A link to Transport Canada boat safety site will be available.

To provide information for the website go to


SL Community Hall: Stan and Geo – annual contract maintenance grounds clean up report. Picnic tables still to be finished.

  • Community Hall heat completed by Dolan’s. Heating is done. New thermostat installed. Propane delivered so system should be working well. Cost was $2932.50
  • Roof leaks following installation. Thanks to Brian for repairing it.
  • Community Hall rental reservation for 2015 August long weekend for the Paddlers.
  • Request for 2 donated fridges and 2 stoves cupboards and bathrooms need attention. One new fridge will be donated soon. New cupboards (possibly from someone doing renovations could be used) and lino for bathroom floors needed. Stan will do some measuring. Quotes to be requested.
  • Coulson FIFT has likely discontinued use of basement so it may be available for others.
  • AVRA – SL Community Hall ball field restoration and 2015 dates. Craig Bowerman gave an estimate for improving the ball field. Craig Bowerman gave an estimate for installing small culvert and putting in 120’ of driveway, leveling ruts, and clearing brush for $3,500 plus GST. Stan is also recommending that we get lock boxes installed and gate the ball field. Regatta Association is presumed to make a donation toward the cost. McCoy Lake excavating to give a quote.
  • Moved by Chris, Seconded by Joe that the Community Association spend up to $3,000 on improvements to the upper ball field. Carried
  • Dragon boat paddlers interested in using the Hall and basement.
  • Bob Cole contacted Penny regarding the feasibility of a Pickle Ball Court behind the hall.
  • Penny will bring up the idea of putting in a Community Garden on the Hall grounds at the General Meeting.


SL Parks Report: Penny – TBA


Old Business: – SLCA Group Spring Water Test date April 20th, 2015. Joe offered to run the samples to Comox.

– Derelict wharves: Boat houses floating in Two Rivers Arm. Whose responsibility? Question in the Winter Spring 2015 SL Newsletter to be discussed at the SLCA AGM. Raw styrofoam docks should be discouraged. Message will be put on ‘Best Practices’ on the website and discussed at the AGM. Letters to be sent to owners of abandoned derelict boathouses if possible.

– AVCF – $350k applications for community assets application for trail work submitted but not granted. Penny discussed projects that were funded.

Chris Law AVCF Manager: Successful Open House held Dec 11, 2014. Chris showed the maps with plans for 2015 harvesting.


New Business: – SLCA AGM Monday, February 23rd, 2015 at 7 pm to be held at the SL Community Hall – Executive Elections and ACRD 2015 draft budget. Penny put out Newsletter to announce SLCA AGM agenda and to include reports.

Geo discusses people living in house boats.   Stan suggests we write to Transport Canada to acquire  more laws be put into place.

– Request for movement towards developing access to the lake from Bomber Base Rd and developing Docks/moorage for paddle type boats and raising money for such a project. – (see above) Joe VanBergen


Adjourn at 9:30 pm.

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