February 23 2015



MONDAY, February 23 2015 AT 7:00 PM

Annual General Meeting to be held at Sproat Lake Community Hall. Located on Bomber Base Road off Lakeshore Road.

Annual General Meeting Minutes:

All residents of the Sproat Lake Area are welcome to the SLCA Annual General Meeting!  Come and meet your neighbours in your community.

• Call to order at 7:08. See attached list of those in attendance.

• President’s message – Stan Kujala

• Minutes of the last SLCA Annual General Meeting by Bette Hansen. – Moved by Chris Wynans 2nd by Nancy Blair that Minutes be adopted as read. Carried.

• Treasurer’s Report – One Hall rental 2014. See attached report. Balance $56,227.11
Hall rents for $150. Daytime $75. Insurance cost cover replacement, contents, earthquake & liability covered. – Moved by Seconded by Rene L., Sec. Caroline Kujala to accept the Minutes as read. Carried.

• ACRD tax requisition for the 2015 Property Tax
o Presenter – ACRD Russell Dyson discusses proposed budget and description of Regional District. Report Attached. Input welcome. Information/Report on Website Question period was held.
o Budget copies available at the ACRD office or

SL Volunteer Fire Department

– Chris Wynans (Fire Prevention Officer) Video presentation. 4557 hrs. of training. 50th anniversary. 7 more firefighters needed

• Logging Report:
o AV Community Forest – Chris Law (AVCF Manager) Focussed on planning. Report attached.
o Island Timberlands – Stirling Arm and Faber Roads harvest complete. Fire wood permits now available. Firewood permits available free of charge.

• SL Parks and Trails Commission – Joe Lamoureux (SLPC Chair) Penny reports in Joe’s absence. Trails; Bike Parks; Children’s Community Garden; Ball Park; and Dixon Park are discussed. Plan for the future is important. Grant money helps tremendously. Block Watch Program is successful. Request for McCoy Lake roadside bike trail is made. A request for a trail close to Sproat Lake Landing,  for safety in walking is made .

• SL Roads Committee – Joe VanBergen (SLCA Road Committee) Joe & Penny tour the area with MoT manager Cindy Corner. To identify lack of yellow lines, potholes & other problems. Only small areas done. Another complete folder is prepared. Very little spent on 2014/2015 winter maintenance. Request to possibly reassign saving on improving road maintenance and center line improvement budget.
– Moved by Julie Miles, seconded by Bette Hansen that we petition the Ministry of Highways regarding improvements needed for road conditions. And center lines with a carbon copy to Emcon and that ACRD investigate Roads Standards. Carried
– Moved by Carolyn K., seconded by Heidi Zimmerman that we investigate GVW restriction on Stirling Arm and McCoy Lake Roads or those roads accessing our community roads. Carried

Alberni Valley Regatta Association

– Greg Steele (AVRA President) Greg thanks everyone for their support last year. 2015 Regatta plans are under way for July 17 -19 event. Meeting is to be held the 1st Mon. of each month. $1,000 donation to the SLCA , possibly in lieu of hall rental. Additional parking is required.
Sproat Lake Directors plan to discuss the use of the hall in regards to the Regatta Association.

• February 23 2015  Election of SLCA Directors and Officers – Penny calls for Nominations:
• President: Stan Kujala
• Vice President: Brian Cote
• Second Vice President: Geo Monrufet
• Treasurer: Nancy Harvey
• Recording Secretary: Bette Hansen
• Directors: John Mayba, Paul Andrew, Bett Broome, Rene Lacoursiere, Roger Loggin, Elaine Gray, Chris Law, Joe VanBergen, Heidi Zimmermann, Greg Steele
– Moved by Stan K., Seconded by Brian C. to have up to 15 SLCA Directors. Carried
– Moved by Chris Wynan, 2nd Walter Konkin by to appoint the nominated Officers and Directors. Carried.

Old Business: Whose responsibility is it?

o Abandoned Derelict Wharves: Discussion held. Bylaw is being considered. Hazard to navigation?
o SLCA Group Water testing date April 20, 2015. Test bottles and requisition forms are available at Regional District & Tseshaht Market.

New Business: February 23 2015

– Notice of Motion by Walter Konkin representing the West Coast Dragon Boat Society. To investigate the possibility of using the basement for storage for 3 dragon boats and a trailer. To be discussed with the Directors of the SLCA. Seconded by Joe VanBergen. Carried
– Wait for reply from Coulson Flying Tanker Base in regards to their use of the basement.
o SL Community Hall upgrades – request for fridges, stoves, bathroom reno. Stan Kujala makes a donation of kitchen fridge.
o Other: Stan and Penny discuss ball field and grounds maintenance; tennis courts for pickle ball; community garden; and spring garage sale. The hall clean up date is yet to be determined.
o SLCA Hall Baseball field. Quotes for leveling and gravel available from McCoy Lake Excavating and Bowerman Excavating.
o Wood stove change out program. $400, rebates available at the ACRD.
Web site design by Heidi Zimmermann mentioned.
• Meeting Adjourned at 10:05 p.m. February 23 2015

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