August 18 2014


SLCA Group Water Test Results August 18 2014.




August 18 2014 SLCA group water test.

First of all, results are from 35 tests with 9 positive tests for e.coli and 12 tests clean of all bacteria.


As well as, information regarding sampling, lab results and well disinfection. Finally, please check the North Island Laboratories web site: New Website.  Seems like you will find more information for wells and ground water usage here, see: Well Water Protection.

In addition, for the latest water quality information visit the health Canada website.  This is to help you assess your results:

Total Coliform

The Total Coliform group of micro-organisms includes; Fecal coliform in human and animal; Non-fecal coliform naturally present in soils and on vegetation; Precise sanitary significance of the Total Coliform test; and the test is offered as an indicator of bacterial contamination.


  1. coli: E. coli is shown to be an indicator of potential presence of enteric pathogens in water. The maximum acceptable concentration (MAC) of E. coli in drinking water is non-detectable per 100mL.

Furthermore, any untreated water supply that contains E. coli should receive disinfection.



Test                                         Method                                        Analyst       Date______

  1. coli (DES) Enzymes Substrate, APHA 9223 B –modified            NIsL       8/18/14


Total Coliforms (DES) Enzymes Substrate, APHA 9223 B –modified   NIsL 8/18/14



MAC = Max. Allowable Concentration;

> = Greater and   < = Less.

Most noteworthy, results relate only to water samples as submitted.

And, the Canadian Drinking Water Guidelines listed on Dec. 5, 2005 are subject to change in a moments notice.


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