Valentines Day Gift Card


Valentines Day Gift Card.

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Printable Valentines Day Gift Card.

We’ll email you a printable Valentines Day Gift Card with Pre-Paid Access Code inside that your Future Captain can use to take the Online Course & Test.
You can Pre-Pay for your whole crew & give them a lifetime of boating and you’ll have peace of mind.
Includes a BOATsmart! Course, Test, PCOC + Valentines Day Gift Card.  And it’s a great gift for Valentines as well.

Study Canada’s Official Boating Course online.

Watch, listen & learn on any device. Our fully animated & narrated boating lessons put you right in the Captain’s seat! Perfect for all ages & learning styles. Want to get certified from your smartphone while sitting on the dock? You can with BOATsmart!.

Study at your own pace.

Canadian Boating License.
We make it simple.
Your Pleasure Craft Operator Card in 3 easy steps.
Watch how it works


Study at your own pace from anywhere, on any device. We’ll automatically track your progress as you go. You don’t have to complete the Course in one sitting & your one-time fee will never expire. It’s 100% worry-free!

Everything included.

The BOATsmart! Course is 100% Transport Canada Approved and includes all the knowledge you need to pass the official Pleasure Craft Operator Card Test and obtain your Canadian Boat License.

No supervisor required.

It’s all open-book! You do not require a supervisor to take the BOATsmart! Online Course or to take the Official Transport Canada Test. Study at your convenience, from home, at anytime. Or any spare time you may have.

Designed for all boaters.

Canada’s Boating Course was designed by boaters, and for boaters – just like you!  All of the lessons are narrated and animated with easy-to-understand illustrations. Perfect for Canadian boaters of all ages.

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