Spring-Fall 2015 – Newsletter

Summer-Fall 2015 Newsletter



Published by Penny Cote – Sproat Lake Director – Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District



Sproat Lake Summer Dates to Remember


* Next SLCA Group Water Test scheduled for Monday August 17, 2015. Information on reverse

* Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department – Open House Saturday, September 26th, 2015

Noon – 4pm at the Harold Bishop Fire Hall



Spring-Fall 2015 – Newsletter

:The Dog Mountain Fire that started July 4th, 2015

is now considered 100% contained by the BC Wildfire Service. The Dog Mountain fire continues to burn within the containment lines. This is expected as the low intensity ground fire continues to reduce the overall fuel loading within the fire perimeter reducing the future fire intensity during hot, dry and windy conditions. The Fire Service continues to monitor the area for hot spots. The shoreline of Dog Mountain is not safe due to danger trees and rolling debris. Danger signs have been posted in the area due to slope instability issues. Boaters are urged to use EXTREME CAUTION while boating by Dog Mountain and watch for floating debris from the fire throughout the lake.

One cabin is now lost to the fire. Some cabins at the base of the fire remain under Evacuation order due to potential slope instability.

Very little wind blew during the first few days of the fire, which allowed for the burning of low ground fuel. This kept the fire from fanning and consuming all of the forest, cabins, and jumping to other areas. The Coastal Fire Center executed a firebreak and the narrows to Dog Mountain. They then performed a burn back to prevent the fire from spreading. The Mars water bomber did not fight this fire. Instead, there were 5 helicopters with buckets, 2 spotter planes, and an Aurora plane with retardant. We also had ground crews including our own local T-Birds attacking this fire. The fire fighters received many thanks from the community and would like to express their appreciation for the acknowledgement.

The Dog Mountain fire is suspected to be human caused. Please be respectful of the dry summer conditions and remember you can prevent interface forest fires by being aware of accidental sparks and not starting fires or discarding cigarettes on the ground. If you see a wild fire call 1-800-663-5555 or #5555.

Sproat Lake Marine Patrol (SLMP) will finish on August 28th, 2015. This summer the SLMP Crew assisted in the Dog Mountain Fire by helping keep boaters away from the fire fighting activities. To date they have done 6 jump-starts and 4 tows and launched 1373 boats launched. They delivered the school safety programs to 861 students, provided the free loaner lifejackets, provided information on boating etiquette, invasive species, maps, water testing and cleaning beaches, attended the July 4th Cougar Smith Park days and the July 7th Our Town Event and handed out SLMP Frisbees. Their emergency call number is 250-735-2563 or 250-735-2564 or


Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department were active during the Dog Mountain fire by patrolling the community and manning a fire hall for the quickest response.

The Tuesday August 3rd, 2015 storm brought 5 lightning strikes to the Valley, the SLVFD extinguished a fire located at the eighty two hundred block of Faber Rd. while the Mars Water bomber and two other winged aircraft and several helicopters assisted Coastal Fire north of Great Central Lake.



These two incidents come as a stark reminder that we live in an urban interface area. PLEASE HELP THE SPROAT LAKE VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT PROTECT YOUR PROPERTY! The best way to protect homes from wild fire is by following the “Fire Smart Manual” which contains information that you can download to keeping our community safe at‐firesmart.pdf or pickup a free copy at the Harold Bishop Fire Hall, 7667 Pacific Rim Highway.

Help us find you by clearly posting your ADDRESS. The bright blue, highly reflective triangular signs save precious time in responding to requests for emergency assistance and can be ordered from the SLVFD by calling 250-724-1777. The post and hardware are included.

We are always looking for interested new volunteers. Stop by any of the 3 fire halls on Highway 4, Lakeshore Road or Faber Road on Tuesdays between 7 and 9 pm to join this great group of volunteers or by calling the Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department @ 250-724-1777.



Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire

Department – Open House Saturday, September 26th

Noon – 4pm at the Harold Bishop Fire Hall

7667 Pacific Rim Hwy

Hot Dogs/pop/coffee – fun for all ages!

Come out and see what a Volunteer Fire Department does…and help us to celebrate publicly our 50th year of service to the residents of Sproat Lake.


NOTICE of the next SLCA group water test is scheduled for Monday, August 17th, 2015 at a cost of $42 ($60 value). NI Labs’ water sample bottles and requisition forms are continually available for individual testing at the ACRD office at 3008 Fifth Avenue, Monday to Friday 8:00 am‐ 4:30 pm. This has been a popular program offering the community the opportunity to test water filtration systems and lake sources, wells, etc. It is always advisable to treat or boil unfiltered raw lake water. See the back of this newsletter for further information or contact Penny Cote at 250-724-5040 or email

The Alberni Valley Regatta Association’s July 17th -19th, 2015 Sproat Lake Regatta was again a successful popular all ages, all classes event, starting with the Boat Show and Shine on July 17th at the Will Pullford’s Pacific Chevrolet on Johnston Road.

Saturday July 18th and Sunday July 19th over 20 drag boats registered and competed ranging from 40 to 1000HP coming from Vancouver Island, the mainland and as far away as Calgary. There were also 3 Formula One exhibition boats and 1 Top Fuel Hydro boat showcased. The event included 16 Bathtub racers. The Sproat Lake Provincial Park beach was lined with spectators and many watched from their boats tied up to the safety boom.



The August 1st to 3rd, 2015 long weekend saw the Alberni Valley Regatta Association and the Ocean River Paddling Club from Victoria co-sponsor the Outrigger Canoe races. A well-attended demo clinic was held on Saturday August 1st at Sproat Lake Landing. The Sunday August 2nd main event, a 42 km Hawaiian Style Change Race to the end of Sproat Lake was escorted by 13 local volunteer boats, included 13 outrigger canoe teams with approximately 150 paddlers from Comox, Victoria, Vancouver & Calgary. The teams and volunteers enjoyed a Salmon BBQ Sunday evening at the Sproat Lake Community Hall.

The Alberni Valley Regatta Association thanks all of our volunteers, sponsors, BC Parks and the community for their continued support and organization to help make our events a success.

Plans are already in the works for next year’s events. Anyone interested in becoming a member or volunteer please contact the Alberni Valley Regatta Association President Greg Steel @ 250-730-0272 or email


Wake damage is boat drivers responsibility. The increased wakes from boaters is directly creating damage to personal property of wharves and watercraft against the shore or docks. The repeated impact on shorelines causes sediment erosion causing water quality problems. “Wake boats” cause up to triple the wake of regular powerboats and the energy from the wakes takes at least three times as long to dissipate. Power vessels are required to maintain a minimum of 100 feet/30 meters from shore, swimmers or non-motorized craft. Wake boat operators are asked to stay a minimum of 300 feet/100 meters from shore, docks, swimmers or non-motorized craft in order to minimize damage.

Boaters are asked to respect NO WAKE signs and areas around docks and marinas as courtesy. Avoid small bays and areas with docks and floats, fish habitat, particularly in shallows. The heads of Taylor Arm and Two Rivers Arm are critical habitat for spawning and rearing of sockeye salmon and trout. Speed Limit restrictions set by Transport Canada Vessel Operation Restriction Regulations states that: No person shall operate a power-driven vessel in excess of 10 km/h within 30 meters of the shore. Boaters in contravention of this regulation can be fined $200 plus administration charges. You can also be charged for damage created by your wake.

Please be respectful of others on the water and have a safe summer.


Thank you to all the volunteers and residents that care and make this a wonderful community to live in. For more information call Penny at

(250) 724-5040 or email






E coli and total coliforms at a discounted group rate of $42 per test ($60 value) on MONDAY, August 17st, 2015. Bottles and requisition forms are available for pick up at the ACRD office, 3008 – 5th Ave., Monday – Friday between 8am – 4:30 pm OR for THIS TEST, they can also be picked up at the Tseshaht Market at 7585 Pacific Rim Hwy or at Sproat Lake Landing during business hours until Monday, August 17th, 2015.


Water test samples are to be taken MONDAY MORNING, in provided sample bottles, kept cold and delivered with requisition forms and payment of $42 cash or cheque (to SLCA), to the Sproat Lake Community Hall on MONDAY August 17st between 9 am and 11 am to be transported to the NILabs in Courtenay. (Early cooler drop off is available in by calling Penny at 250-724-5040 or email for instructions.)


This is a great opportunity to test water systems and filtration from lake sources or wells, etc. If you do not have a filtration system on your drinking water you are advised to boil your drinking water, as it is a raw water source. Water test bottles and requisition forms are available all year at the ACRD office during office hours Monday – Friday for individual testing and delivery to NILabs in Courtney or Nanaimo.


NILabs are experts in water quality and water system management. NILabs offers complete water testing that can be added to the SLCA Group Bacterial Water Tests for $178.50. For further information go to


Septic tests are also available at the ACRD upon request. For further information call Penny at 250-724-5040 or email


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