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Monday, July 6, 2015 __________________________________________________________

Dog Mountain Fire Questions-Answers

1) What resources are being used to fight the fire and where can I find more information?

Answer: The Dog Mountain Fire is estimated at 96 hectares.

Questions-Answers.  There are currently 21 firefighters and 3 helicopters fighting this fire. Sprinkler protection units are being deployed today for cabins at lake level. Air tankers dropped retardant on the fire on Saturday, which has the ability to retard the movement of the fire when either wet or dry. Helicopters, including a heavy helicopter, are also bucketing on the fire to cool hot spots and reduce fire behaviour. The ability for fixed wing aircraft and helicopters to respond is dependent on weather and visibility conditions which can change very quickly. Pilots must adhere to safety regulations at all times and there may be situations where the aircrafts must be grounded until the situation improves. (Updated Monday July 6, 2015 at 11:55am)

More information on this fire can be found on the BC Wildfire Service website:




2) Is there road access to Dog Mountain?

Answer: The Forest Service is clearing an existing road access from the South Taylor Main to the back side of Dog Mountain. This off road vehicle access will be used to support the fire suppression operations if required. ___________________________________________________________

3) Ash is falling on my property. What should I do to protect my property?

  •   Remove all trees, long grass, shrubs, logs branches, twigs, and needles within 10 meters of your home.
  •   Prune tree branches to a height of 2 meters or more.
  •   Store firewood 10 meters of more from your home.
  •   Thin trees (with 3 – 6 meters between crowns) for at least 30 meters from the house.
  •   Be extremely cautious – use hand tools the slightest spark from a lawnmower or powersaw can set off a fire instantly.
  •   Contact BC Hydro if trees or branches are not clear of power lines.
  •   Water grass within 10 meters of your home and keepeavestroughs clean.Additional information can be found on the Fire Smart Manual below:‐firesmart.pdf

    4) Is it safe to stay at home? Is it safe for campers to keep going to Two Rivers?

    A declaration has been activated by the Alberni‐Clayoquot Regional District to enable the evacuation of the Dog Mountain area including cabins, cottages and the immediate area. The RCMP will assist with any further evacuation if the order is extended to any adjacent area. For

    up to date information check the ACRD website ( under the “What’s New” tab on the home page or contact the ACRD office at 250‐720‐2700 or the Port Alberni RCMP detachment at 250‐723‐2424. _______________________________________________________

    5) Should I be ready for an evacuation order?

    When you are ordered to evacuate is not the time to decide what to do and what to take. The ACRD has a recommended Evacuation Plan posted on their website at‐plan. Plan in advance. For immediate evacuation, the ACRD recommends that you have the following prepared in a grab and go kit:

     Medical supplies: medications, eyeglasses, dentures, etc.

     Disaster kit and supplies (including flashlight, batteries, radio, first aid kit and bottled water).

  •   Clothing and bedding (a sleeping bag or bedroll and pillow for each member of the family).
  •   Car and house keys.
  •   Documents including Driver’s License or personal identification, social insurance card,proof of residence, insurance policies, etc.For more evacuation information please check the website at‐plan. For up to date information check the ACRD website ( under the “What’s New” tab on the home page or contact the ACRD office at 250‐720‐2700 or the Port Alberni RCMP detachment at 250‐723‐2424.6) Where can I find out information on air quality?For Air Quality Advisories:
  •   Go to
  •   Current advisories are posted at the top of the main page.
  •   There is currently an advisory issued for east and south coast of Vancouver Island which includes Port Alberni.
  •   The advisory states “avoid strenuous outdoor activities. If you are experiencing any of the following symptoms, contact your health care provider: difficulty in breathing, chest pain or discomfort, and sudden onset of cough or irritation of airways. Exposure is particularly a concern for infants, the elderly and those who have underlying medical conditions such as diabetes, and lung or heart disease.”For detailed information on air quality in the Alberni Valley:
     Go to
  • Questions-Answers
  •  Click on Quick Links “What’s the Air Like Today?” in the right hand column.
  •   A map of the province will open. Click on “Nanaimo”.
  •   The map will zoom into the mid‐island area indicating the individual air qualitymonitoring stations. Click on “Port Alberni Elementary”.
  •   Graphs and data for Particulate (PM2.5) levels are updated hourly. The graphs and the BC air quality objective links show the recommended air quality objective of 25 micrograms/m3 over a 24 hour average.For reference the PM2.5 levels recorded on July 6th at 11:00am are 54 micrograms/m3 which is double the official air quality objective of 25 micrograms/m3.7) What Can I do to Help?There is a heightened awareness and level of stress within the community during this time. We encourage everybody to be supportive of one another and be ready to help in the event that matters escalate. RCMP have requested that boaters stay well away from the area adjacent to the fire to allow fire suppression personnel to effectively do their jobs.Please stay informed through the links provided in this document or contact one of the following people:The media contact for the Ministry of Forests:For further information from the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District:

Donna MacPherson

Fire Information Officer

phone: (250) 951‐4209

Russell Dyson, Chief Administrative Officer

Alberni Clayoquot Regional District

office: (250) 720‐2705

cell: (250) 720‐7051

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