ACRD Board of Directors Meeting of April 8, 2015

ACRD board of Directors Meeting of April 8, 2015

Board of Directors Chair: Mayor Josie Os‐


(District of Tofino)

Vice‐Chair: John McNabb

(Electoral Area “E” Bea‐ ver Creek)

Director Penny Cote

(Electoral Area “D” Sproat Lake)

Councillor Jack McLeman

(City of Port Alberni)

Mayor Mike Ruttan

(City of Port Alberni)

Mayor Dianne St. Jacques

(District of Ucluelet)

Director Keith Wyton

(Electoral Area “A”


Councillor Alan McCarthy

(Yuułuʔiłʔatḥ Govern‐ ment)

Councillor Wilfred Cootes

(Uchucklesaht Tribe Government) Director Mike Kokura (Electoral Area “B” Beaufort)

Director Tony Bennett

(Electoral Area “C” Long Beach)

Director Lucas Banton

(Electoral Area “F” Cherry Creek)

Councillor John Jack

(Huu‐ay‐aht First Nation)


  •   Island Health’s 2015/2016 Capital Projects and Equipment for the Al‐ berni‐Clayoquot Regional Hospital District—In attendance was Suzanne Fox, Executive Director, Geography 2, Island Health, Marie Duprreault, Di‐ rector, Port Alberni, West Coast, Is‐ land Health and Chris Sullivan, Direc‐ tor, Capital Planning, Island Health. Ms Fox provided an overview of Is‐ land Health’s new structure which includes changing to four geographic areas with an improved community focus. Mr. Sullivan provided an over‐ view of Island Health’s 2015‐2016 capital projects and equipment of the ACRHD.CORRESPONDENCE FOR ACTION
  •   The Board of Directors approved the draft terms of reference for the AVICC Special Committee on Solid Waste Management for Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities. Director McNabb was appointed to represent the Regional District on the Committee and Chairperson Osborne


  •   The ACRD Board of Directors adopted By‐ law F1116, Alberni‐Clayoquot Regional District Excess or Extended Services Late‐ comer Interest Rate Fee Bylaw. This by‐ law is to establish an interest rate for late‐ comer agreements as required by the Lo‐ cal Government Act.OTHER ACRD NEWS
  •   Long Beach Airport— WERA tsunami radar equipment has been installed and preliminary testing has promising re‐ sults. The system will be used for early warning of possible tsunami events on the west coast.
  •   2015 Sproat Lake Marine Patrol Pro‐ gram—The ACRD is preparing for the upcoming season. The Regional Dis‐ trict is currently accepting applications for marine patrol summer students.
    For more information on the how to apply and the program visit our website at

UPCOMING MEETINGS—Board of Directors—Wednesday April 22, 2015 at 1:30 in the ACRD Boardroom, 3008 Fifth Avenue, Port Alberni BC.

An information report summarizing the Regular Board of Directors Meeting. This is not the official minutes. For more information visit the ACRD Website at or contact the Manager of Administration Services 250‐720‐2706 or e‐mail:

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