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WinterSpring 2015 – Sproat Lake Community Association’s Annual General Meeting to be held on Monday, February 23rd, 2015 at 7:00 pm at the Sproat Lake Community Hall on Bomber Base Road (see agenda on last page).

The ACRD is considering the 2015 ‐ 2019 Financial Plan and Budget. ACRD Staff will be presenting the WinterSpring 2015 ACRD budget at the SLCA AGM and public consultation is scheduled for Wednesday, March 12th at 6:00 pm at the ACRD office, 3008 Fifth Avenue. Copies of the draft budget are available on the ACRD website and at the ACRD office.

WinterSpring 2015 Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department

Work has begun at Faber Road (Hall 2) and Lakeshore Road (Hall 1) to install dry hydrants. Trees have been removed from both locations in preparation and roadwork has been done at Hall 2. We are waiting for some dry weather to start the roadwork at Hall 1.

The piping will go in in mid‐summer with tentative completion for late summer/early fall. Once the projects have been inspected and approved by the Fire Underwriters Survey, more Sproat Lake residents should see a reduction in their home insurance. In addition to the dry hydrants, “no parking” signs will be posted at the access points and next to the halls. Please respect these signs as they help ensure we have access to the resources needed to protect your homes.

New members are always welcome and in demand. If you are interested in joining our volunteer fire department, you can contact the Recruiting Officer, Joe Lamoureux at or, or drop by the Lakeshore Road, Faber Road or Harold Bishop Fire Halls on any Tuesday night between 7:00 pm and 9:00 pm and ask for the hall’s Captain. Practices are every Tuesday night from 7:00 pm until 9:00pm as well as a few weekends a year. All training, mentoring and equipment are provided.

WinterSpring 2015–Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department Address Sign Program
Approved and Recommended by the
BC Volunteer Firefighter Association
Sign can be seen in multi-directions, with large numbers, And comes with Galvanized Post & Mounting Hardware Selling at Cost
If We Can’t Find You, We Can’t Help!!
Contact us at 250-724-1777 and leave a message or send an email to

The SLVFD is very pleased the Sproat Lake Marine Patrol referendum passed and we are looking forward to helping support the Marine Patrol and working with them!

Air Quality:

Over the winter months, a number of open burning restriction advisories have been issued for the Alberni Valley. This restriction covered all properties within 15 km of Port Alberni’s City Hall, located on Argyle Street. The Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with Island Health, issued the advisories because of the high concentrations of particulates that were expected to persist for a few days. In times of air inversions, it is advised that persons with chronic underlying medical conditions, infants, elderly, and those who have diabetes and lung or heart disease should postpone strenuous exercise, stay indoors and in air‐conditioned spaces to reduce fine particulate exposure.

Voluntary emission reduction actions in rural areas are encouraged. In times of air inversions, it is advised to avoid the use of woodstoves and fireplaces unless it is the sole source of residential heat. Where woodstoves or fireplaces are the sole source of residential heat, use only CSA/EPA emissions approved wood‐burning appliances, well‐cured wood, and ensure an adequate supply of combustion air. Avoid backyard burning. Real time air quality information can be found at Contacts are Earle Plain, Air Quality Meteorologist, Ministry of Environment (250) 751‐3171 and Valerie Wilson, Vancouver Island Health Authority Communications (250) 739‐ 6303.

ACRD Woodstove Exchange Program:

Exchange your old, uncertified woodstove (pre‐ 1994) for a new CSA‐EPA emissions‐certified wood, pellet, or gas‐heating appliance and save $400! Smarter burning = cleaner living. Receive a $250 rebate and a $150 retailer discount at participating retailers. This offer applies to residents of the Alberni‐Clayoquot Regional District and is valid from January 1, 2015 to April 30, 2015. Forty (40) rebates are available on a first‐come/first‐serve basis. For further information and how to apply, please visit the website.

Acceptable air quality is everyone’s right and protecting air quality is everyone’s responsibility!

Who’s responsibility is it? Why should the community have to be responsible for derelict Wharfs?”

As part of the Sproat Lake Community Association hosted “Clean Beaches, Clean Water” held on Sunday, October 5th, 2014, there were a number of derelict abandoned wharves observed in Two Rivers Arm. This winter there have been a number of calls reporting two float houses and wharves afloat with potential to do damage to residents property should they land on private property.

A consideration for residents that are replacing old wharves: it is illegal to dispose of old wharves on Crown land and the Province may charge removal to the owner! Please have old wharves disposed of in an environmentally safe and sensitive manner.

The 2015 group water test is tentatively being scheduled for spring of 2015. NI Labs’ water sample bottles and requisition forms are continually available for individual testing at the ACRD office at 3008 Fifth Avenue, Monday to Friday 8:00 am‐ 4:30 pm. This has been a popular program offering the community the opportunity to test water filtration systems and lake sources, wells, etc. It is always advisable to treat or boil unfiltered raw lake water. For further water test results, please contact Penny Cote.

Sproat Lake Parks Commission:

2015 plans for Cougar Smith Park to include further bike skills park development, parks grounds maintenance, security and proposed children’s and community gardens development. The Faber and Lakeshore trail work and expansion is scheduled for 2015.

Anyone interested in volunteering for the SL Parks Commission, please call Joe Lamoureux, SL Parks Chair, at (250) 723‐3001 or (250) 724‐4663 or email

Sproat Lake Road Committee:

There have been many complaints regarding the state of disrepair of the roads in our area. Our roads receive minimal patch repair, chip seal and roadside clearing of winter branches. There is no line painting in many areas on our extremely narrow, winding, blind roads. Logging truck traffic has been of concern. Specific road concerns should be directed to Joe Van Bergen (SLCA Roads

Committee) at (250) 723‐6159 or It is the SL Roads Committee’s mandate is to work with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and property owners to develop a trail system for the community to allow for safe pedestrian passage. The narrow bridge over Weiner Creek (near Sproat Lake Landing) continues to be an issue, as it offers no safe passage for pedestrians. Please drive with caution in our community and be aware of pedestrians.

Emcon winter scheduling is in effect for road maintenance. Check for up to date road conditions. For Emcon Road Services, call (250) 724‐6996 or Emcon’s 24 Hour Emergency Number at 1‐866‐353‐3136.

AV Community Forest On December 11, 2014 the Alberni Valley Community Forest Corporation (AVCFC) had an open house to inform the public of the community forests plans and to get feed back from the public for planning purposes. There was very good public attendance and the AVCFC appreciated the time that people took to come out to the airport office to give their ideas and suggestions. If you missed the open house and would like to see what is happening in the community forest and have ideas to share you can contact the community Forest Manager, Chris Law at 250‐731‐7377 or by email at

The AVCFC is working on plans to do some road building this spring with harvesting happening later this year.

Island Timberlands’ would like to thank their neighbors in the Faber Road and Stirling Arm Drive area for their efforts providing feedback on their harvest plans over the last few years. They have now completed their forest harvesting activity in this area at this time.

If you are interested in harvesting some firewood for personal use, please contact us at with subject line: ‘Firewood permit request – Faber Road’ Include Name, Email, House address, Vehicle license plate number, and Vehicle description.

The Alberni Valley Regatta Association (A.V.R.A.)

donated $1000 to the Sproat Lake Marine Patrol! AVRA will be hosting the July 17th – 19th, 2015 event once again at the Sproat Lake Provincial Park. Anyone interested in volunteering or participating, please call Greg Steel ‐ Alberni Valley Regatta Association President 250‐730‐0272 or email .

The Ocean River Paddling Club and the Sproat Lake Canoe Club Local are organizing a 43 km and 20 km course “Island Changes Race” on August 2nd and an 8 km and 12 km course “Island Small boat Race” on August 3rd, 2015. These races are expected to start and finish at the Sproat Lake Provincial Park next to the boat launch. Look for this exciting event to happen on the August long weekend around Sproat Lake. If you want more information or would like to volunteer please call Darrell Holt at 250‐723‐0640.

A Block Watch Program, endorsed by the SLCA Directors, is now initiated in the Dickson Road neighbourhood. For other Sproat Lake residents interested in the Block Watch Program for their neighborhoods, please contact Penny Cote at 250‐ 724‐5040 or or

Cpl. Jen Allan NOC i/c CP/Youth/Media at 250‐724‐ 8908 for an Overview, How to Run a Block Watch, Responsibilities, Mapping, Program Dynamics, Safer Communities with Property Identification and Home security Tips and much more.

Thank you to all the volunteers and residents that care and make this a wonderful community to live in!

For more information call Penny at (250) 724‐5040 or email

Keep your eyes and ears open as the SPROAT LAKE LANDING will be having sneek peek Saturdays coming early Spring to tour the new facility before opening!


MONDAY, FEBRUARY 23rd, 2015 AT 7:00 PM
To be held at Sproat Lake Community Hall on Bomber Base Road off Lakeshore Road

Welcome to all residents of the Sproat Lake Area to the SLCA AGM. Come and meet with your neighbours.

  •   Call to order
  •   President’s message – Stan Kujala
  •   Minutes of the last SLCA AGM – Bette Hansen
  •   Treasurer’s Report – Nancy Harvey
  •   ACRD tax requisition for the 2014 Property Tax
    o Presenter – ACRD Staff (Financial Management)
    o Budget copies available at the ACRD office or
  •   SL Volunteer Fire Department – Chris Wynans (Fire Prevention Officer)
  •   Logging Report:

o AV Community Forest – Chris Law (AVCF Manager)
o Island Timberlands – Stirling Arm and Faber Roads harvest complete and fire wood permits


  •   SL Parks and Trails Commission – Joe Lamoureux (SLPC Chair)
  •   SL Roads Committee – Joe VanBergen (SLCA Road Committee)
  •   Alberni Valley Regatta Association – Greg Steele (AVRA President)
  •   2014 Election of SLCA Directors and Officers
  •   Old Business: Whose responsibility is it?
    o Abandoned Derelict Wharves
    o SLCA Group Water testing date to be determined
  •   New Business:

o SL Community Hall upgrades – Fridges, stoves, bathrooms, ball‐field and grounds maintenance,

tennis courts and community garden, spring garage sale o Wood stove change out program $400 rebates available

 Adjournment

Check out the updated website at and sign up for the latest community news. For more information call Penny at 250‐724‐5040 or email

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