Laws Matter


Laws Matter

Do you know about these recent changes?

You are welcome to attend this presentation on Laws matter.

Anna Johnson, the speaker, is addressing what matters most to us, and our environment.

Come to a presentation, to hear about the recent changes to Canada’s Federal Environmental Laws.

In fact, the main objective is on the implications the law has on our environment.

The subject is not to be taken lightly.  Our very existence is dependent on the outcome of the coming change.

What does the new law imply?  Find out before it’s too late.

Therefore, it is very important we understand their meaning.

As well, it is vital people participate in the conversation about Laws Matter.

Our voices matter, because our opinions create the necessary changes.

Laws matter a great deal when our environment is at risk, so get involved.

Come and learn about the environmental initiatives going on in the Alberni valley.

Join in on the discussion, which impacts us now and in the near future.

Hopefully, it opens the doors to what needs to be done in the Alberni valley, and surrounding areas.

The speaker of the meeting is Anna Johnson.

Environmental Lawyer

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