Newsletter Spring 2014

                                Newsletter Spring 2014




Published by Penny Cote. – Sproat Lake Director – Alberni-Clayoquot Regional District.




Newsletter Spring 2014, the ACRD is considering the 2014 – 2018 Financial Plan and Budget.  Public consultation is scheduled for Wednesday, March 12th at 6:00 pm at the ACRD office, 3008 Fifth Avenue.  Copies of the draft budget are available on the ACRD website and at the ACRD office.


Newsletter Spring 2014 -Teri Fong, ACRD Financial Manager will be presenting the budget at the Sproat Lake Community Association’s Annual General Meeting.  Taking place on Monday, March 17th at 7:00 pm at the Harold Bishop Fire Hall.  See agenda attached.

Newsletter Spring 2014

Sproat Lake Official Community Plan – In 2011, the ACRD began the task of rewriting and updating all of the Official Community Plans for the Alberni Valley.  Cherry Creek and Beaufort OCP’s were adopted in 2012.  Beaver Creek OCP was adopted in April 2013.


Sproat Lake Official Community Plan


Thursday, April 3, 2014 – 7:00 pm

Sproat Lake Community Hall

Bomber Base Road


Three open houses have been held for the Sproat Lake OCP.  The last one was on March 14, 2013.  The Public Hearing for the Sproat Lake OCP has been scheduled for April 3, 2014 at 7:00 pm in the Sproat Lake Community Hall.  If you have questions, comments, suggestions and/or ideas. This formal hearing will be your opportunity to share your views with them and other residents and property owners.  Also with the ACRD staff, and Penny Cote, Director of the Sproat Lake Electoral Area.  If you are unable to attend, please contact the ACRD Planning Department at (250) 720-2700. Discuss your concerns or to set up a time that works for you.  Public input is important and valuable when developing an OCP and the ACRD encourages you to have your say!


Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department recently passed our re-accreditation for SLVFD hydrant status.  This allows residential property owners within a 5K distance of an approved water source to retain lower fire insurance rates.  The re-accreditation is good for 5 years.  Chief Hepp is working on providing hydrant status to all areas presently not covered with the accreditation. By installing dry standpipes at Hall One and Two in order to meet the Superior Tanker Shuttle Accreditation.


In 2013, the Harold Bishop Fire Hall #3, on the Pacific Rim Highway, and the Lakeshore Fire Hall #1, on Lakeshore Road, have both had seismic upgrades completed.  Lakeshore Fire Hall #1 has also had septic system repairs and upgrades.  The Sproat Lake Volunteer Fire Department currently has 38 members with 2 juniors and another 3 new recruits.


So far in 2014 the SLVFD has attended a structure fire on Taylor Arm Drive with assistance from the Beaver Creek Volunteer Fire Department and the Port Alberni Fire Department.  The SLVFD assisted the Port Alberni Fire Department in the recent commercial building fire on Argyle Street through our Automatic Mutual Aid agreement.


New members are always welcome and in demand.  If you are interested in joining our volunteer fire department, you can contact the Recruiting Officer, Joe Lamoureux at or, or drop by the Lakeshore Road, Faber Road or Harold Bishop Fire Halls on any Tuesday night at 7:00 pm and ask for the hall’s Captain.  Practices are every Tuesday night from 7:00 pm until 9:00 pm as well as a few weekends a year.  All training, mentoring and equipment are provided.


Be sure emergency responders can find you!!  Ensure your address is clearly visible!!  Illumination, visibility from both directions, and clear of brush is recommended and appreciated!

Example:  12345 LAKESHORE ROAD


Air Quality:

Over the winter months, a number of open burning restrictions advisories have been issued for the Alberni Valley.  This restriction covered all properties within 15 km of Port Alberni’s City Hall located on Argyle.  The Ministry of Environment, in collaboration with Island Health issued the advisories because of the high concentrations of particulates that were expected to persist for a few days.  In times of air inversions, it is advised that persons with chronic underlying medical conditions, infants, elderly, and those who have diabetes and lung or heart disease should postpone strenuous exercise. They should also stay indoors and in air-conditioned spaces to reduce fine particulate exposure.


Voluntary emission reduction actions in rural areas are encouraged.  In times of air inversions, it is advised to avoid the use of woodstoves and fireplaces unless it is the sole source of residential heat.  Where woodstoves or fireplaces are the sole source of residential heat, use only CSA/EPA emissions approved wood-burning appliances, well-cured wood, and ensure an adequate supply of combustion air.  Avoid backyard burning.  Real time air quality information can be found at .  Contacts are Earle Plain, Air Quality Meteorologist, Ministry of Environment (250) 751-3171 and Valerie Wilson, Vancouver Island Health Authority Communications (250) 739-6303.


Acceptable air quality is everyone’s right and protecting air quality is everyone’s responsibility!


Sproat Lake Community Association hosted “Clean Beaches, Clean Water” Sunday, October 6th, 2013. And 660 kg of garbage was delivered to the ACRD landfill.


A consideration for residents replacing old wharves:  it is not legal to dispose of old wharves on crown land and the Province may charge removal to the owner!  Please have old wharves disposed of in an environmentally safe and sensitive manner.


Newsletter Spring 2014–The 2013 group water test results for 12 water test samples revealed 0 results for E.Coli and 5 with low Total Coliforms.  NI Labs’ water sample bottles and requisition forms are continually available for individual testing at the ACRD office at 3008 Fifth Avenue, Monday to Friday 8:00 am- 4:30 pm.  This has been a popular program.  We offer the community the opportunity to test water filtration systems and lake sources, wells, etc.  It is always advisable to treat or boil unfiltered raw lake water.


Sproat Lake Parks Commission:

Cougar Smith Community Park has completed rehabilitation of the baseball field. Also updated are the tennis courts for the upcoming season, for those tennis and field sports enthusiasts. The 2014 plans for Cougar Smith Park include playground infrastructure shades and further bike skills park development.


Of great concern in the community is the Faber Park wharf theft on Father’s Day June 16th 2013. The RCMP where contacted and there could be charges for theft over $10,000 if the criminal is caught.  Any information on the return may be forwarded to the local detachment of the RCMP.


The SL Parks Commission and ACRD have received many calls from residents requesting the replacement of the community asset.  Many gracious donations were immediately offered for the replacement wharf.  Petitions for and against the wharf replacement were acknowledged. The SL Parks Commission, after thoughtful consideration, made the recommendations and plans to replace the stolen Faber Park wharf with a much smaller wharf.  They will also implement their two-year old, 2012 recommendations of security measures to address concerns of neighbours for the 35 year old Park this upcoming season.  Requests were made to not replace the wharf. The SL Parks Commission is respectfully working toward addressing all the concerns that are being brought forward.


On November 4, 2013 the SL Parks Commission held a community meeting, with RCMP in attendance, to address neighbours’ concerns and assure all proper approvals would be in place.  Most of the materials for the stolen wharf were donated in the past. And there have again been donations and offerings made for the majority of the cost, for the new replacement wharf.  The ACRD has approved and made application to TimberWest for the acquisition of the foreshore.  TimberWest has given foreshore free of charge to other organizations for the cost of the survey, which is what is proposed in this circumstance.


The Faber and Lakeshore Trail work and expansion is scheduled for 2014.


A Sproat Lake Community Parks Day is tentatively being planned for the July Long Weekend at the Cougar Smith Park.


Anyone interested in volunteering for the SL Parks Commission, please call Joe Lamoureux, SL Parks Chair, at (250) 723-3001 or (250) 724-4663 or email .


Sproat Lake Road Committee:

Many complaints are being made in regards to the state of disrepair the roads in our area are in.  Our roads receive minimal patch repair, chip seal and roadside clearing of winter branches.  The line painting in many areas on our extremely narrow, winding, blind roads are practically nonexistent.  Specific road concerns should be directed to Joe Van Bergen (SLCA Roads Committee) at (250) 723-6159 or .  It is the SL Roads Committee’s mandate to work with the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure and property owners to develop a trail system for the community to allow for safe pedestrian passage.  The narrow bridge over Weiner Creek (near Sproat Lake Landing) continues to be an issue, as it offers no safe passage for pedestrians.

Emcon winter scheduling is in effect for road plowing as identified; highway first, bus routes second, main roads third and then side roads.  If the snow continues, the highway must be first consideration then the rest is as identified as priority.  The message board by Coleman Road has been very helpful and there is a new highway camera on route to the West Coast.  Check for up to date road conditions.  For Emcon Road Services, call (250) 724-6996 or Emcon’s 24 Hour Emergency Number at 1-866-353-3136.


Newsletter Spring 2014 –AV Community Forest is hiring a new manager.  A request has been made for an update on the Community Forest at the SLCA AGM, March 17th at 7:00 pm.  To get more info, check out the community forest website at or contact Shawn Flynn by email at or by phone at (250) 731-7377.


Island Timberlands’ company representatives met with concerned community members on January 16th, 2014.  The presentation and questions were focused to specific plans for the area of concern along Faber Road.


Newsletter Spring 2014 -A Block Watch Program, endorsed by the SLCA Directors, is now being introduced to the Sproat Lake neighborhood residents.


Cpl. Jen Allan, with Community Policing and Media Relations will be attending the SLCA AGM at the Harold Bishop Fire Hall on Monday, March 17th at 7:00 pm to explain the Block Watch Program Overview, How to Running a Block Watch, Responsibilities, Mapping, Program Dynamics, Safer Communities with Property Identification and Home security Tips and much more.


The SPROAT LAKE LANDING grocery and Beer & Wine stores are now open for business!!


Thank you to all the volunteers and residents that care and make this a wonderful community to live in. For more information call Penny at (250) 724-5040 or email




MONDAY, MARCH 17TH, 2014 AT 7:00 PM

Welcome to all residents of the Sproat Lake Area to the SLCA AGM. Come and meet with your neighbours.


  • Call to order


  • President’s message
  • Minutes of the last SLCA AGM
  • Treasurer’s Report – Nancy Harvey (SLCA Treasurer)
  • ACRD tax requisition for the 2014 Property Tax
    • Presenter – Teri Fong (ACRD Financial Manager)
    • Budget copies available at the ACRD office or
  • Cpl. Jen Allen, Community Policing and Media Relations – Block Watch program initiative


  • Koi study update – Sheena Falconer, Barclay Wild Salmon Working Group
  • Logging Report:
    • AV Community Forest – Shawn Flynn


  • SL Parks and Trails Commission – Joe Lamoureux (SLPC Chair)
  • SL Roads Committee – Joe VanBergen (SLCA Road Committee)
  • SL Volunteer Fire Department – Chris Wynans (Fire Prevention Officer)


  • Alberni Valley Regatta Association – Ray Nass and Joe VanBergen
  • 2014 Election of SLCA Directors and Officers
  • Old Business:

Newsletter Spring 2014

  • New Business:  New SLCA website scheduled become available by May 2014 – Like us on Facebook!


  • Adjournment

Newsletter Spring 2014 –You are invited to attend the Sproat Lake Official Community Plan PUBLIC HEARING on Thursday, April 3rd, 2014 at 7:00 pm at the Sproat Lake Community Hall located on Bomber Base Road.

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